Monday, October 31, 2005

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All I can say is grab what you can...QUICKLY!

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MP3's: Q Magazines Top 50 Bands Of All Time

I thought this was going to be an easy task.... how wrong I was!!!
There are sadly still 2 links that I've been unable to fill!
The links will probably only last a very short time so please grab stuff now to avoid disappointment!
Links marked (MP3) are single tracks, Right click and save these.


01.Pink Floyd
02.Led Zeppelin
03.Rolling Stones
06.Dire Straits
07.Bruce Springsteen
08.The Beatles
09.Bob Marley
10.Fleetwood Mac
11.The Eagles
12.The Beach Boys
14.Bon Jovi
15.Guns n Roses (Videos)
18.Bee Gee's
22.Backstreet Boys
23.Red Hot Chilli Peppers
25.The Police
26.Steve Miller Band
27.ABBA (MP3)
29.Simply Red(MP3)
31.The Carpenters
33.Spice Girls(MP3)
34.Def Leppard(MP3)
35.Deep Purple
39.Pearl Jam
40.Hootie & The Blowfish
41.Status Quo
42.Simple Minds
43.Wet Wet Wet
44.N Sync
45.Eurythmics (MP3)
46.Duran Duran(MP3)
48.The Shadows(MP3)
49.Boyz II Men(MP3)
50.Van Halen

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Thanks to ILuvNUFC. from Look At This for helping out with a few of these links.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Animal Crackers!

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Friday, October 28, 2005

Empire Strikes Back... very small!

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Cosmic Defender: Retro gaming at it's best!

Category: Games

BTTF De Lorean in Lego!

Category: Random & Cars

Funny Dog Video.

Category: Animals & Videos

Top Gear Videos!

Category: Cars & Videos

Marilyn Monroe in pictures.

Category: Pictures

The Weird Al Show: Series 1

Category: Videos

Papercraft: Model Cars

Category: Random & Cars


Category: Flash

I have no idea..... It made me chuckle though!

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Category: Games

Beach Raceway

Category: Slot-Cars

AI Droid

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Food For Thought..

(What follows is a joint-blogging post from myself and ILuvNUFC.
from Look At This , to be posted simultaneously, more or less, on both of our blogs.)

Strange and weird food around the world is a subject that has always fascinated me. So here for your enjoyment is a pile of links demonstrating some of the more strange practices from around the world.

Bug-eating Page by Zachary Huang

Bush Tucker Glossary

Gross Me Out. Make your next adventure a culinary one with these challenging delicacies.

Monja-yaki. Looks like a pile of sick. (via)

Rat Cooking. Disgusting pictures. NSFW ADS

Food Dogs from the Asian Animal Protection Network.
We see no difference between pig eating and dog eating. The degree of objection lies in the methods of rearing, transport and slaughter rather than in the choice of species.
The popularity of dog eating is currently increasing at a huge rate - it is evolving rapidly from its traditions as a cottage industry. Now it is no longer a case of a few peasant farmers breeding a bitch once a year and taking the grown puppies to the market for a little extra pocket money. Huge dog farms are being set up using modern scientific factory farming methods

Anis kockens
Rude Foods.

How to Eat Cats. Some disturbing images here and also some very NSFW ADS

Kwakuitl Recipes. Genuine Kwakuitl Indian recipes from NW Coast circa 1914 includes, amongst other things, how to cook salmon guts.

Eat Babies. (via)

Dinner with Mr. Hu. (via)

Live Monkey Brains recipe.

Gross Food. Why have a boring old dinner party when you can have a GROSS dinner party? Challenge your guests to bring the most disgusting looking (but tasty) dish they possibly can. Give prizes for best presentation and best tasting. Here are some samples.

Tuna Jerkies Strange food and kooky drinks including Tuna Jerkies for your pets and you!

Stinky Tofu. Its smell has been described as "baby poo," "hellacious" and "sharply foul".

Urban Legends and Folklore: Food and Drink. Urban legends and Netlore about food and drink: The McPus Sandwich; Kentucky Fried Rat; The Neiman Marcus Cookie Recipe; Cockroach Egg Tacos; "Secret Sauce."

Weekly World News presents Disgusting Dishes Around The World.

Snakes Alive Jello Streudel. Thanks brykmantra.

Weird Foods from around the World. Great site with lots of categories.

Global Gang's Food For Thought. Deep-fried mars bars? Jellied eels? Global Gangers tell us about the best and worst food they’ve ever eaten.
Also from Global Gang People eat the weirdest things.

Think you know your strange foods now? Well the take the The Weird and Disgusting Food Test.

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Saturday, October 15, 2005

MP3's: Random Roundup

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Everything you always wanted to know about HOTDOGS!!!! ...but were afraid to ask!

Click on the image!

Hillbilly Hotdogs
Auschwitz Hotdog Stand Pictures
The Evolution of Hot Dogs
Can Hot Dogs Cause Diabetes?
Crown Frankfurter Surprise
Deion Sanders' Hot Dog Express
Fireworks and hot dogs
Hawaiian Frankfurter Spectacular
History and Legends of Hot Dogs
Talking Hot Dog
Condiment Holder

Hot Dog Day
Hot dog preservative could be new medication
Hot Dogs!
Hot Dog Eateries
Hot Dogs and Nitrites
Hot Dog Datafile
Hot Dogs of the Nordic
How to Grill Hamburgers and Hot Dogs
What are hot dogs made from?
Hot Dog Recipes
National Hot Dog & Sausage Council
Hot Dog History
New hot dogs to cost $170 each
Octodogs Frankfurter Converter
Whirly Weenie
Rusty The Narcoleptic Sausage Dog
Vegan Italian Hot Dogs
What Mustard Goes with Hotdogs and Bratwursts
Japanese Hot Dogs

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3 Complete 5th Gear Episodes

Category: Cars & Videos

Old TV Show Theme Tunes

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Vehicles @ Burning Man 2004

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